Corporate live Video Streaming & Green Screen

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Live Video Streaming Production Services Ireland

Live streaming services are in demand more than ever. Wherever and whenever you need to broadcast your event we can set up a live web cast and ensure it is delivered flawlessly. Whether it’s large corporate events allowing viewers to watch on-site or smaller business conference we have you covered and we are fully mobile for any size event.
Depending on your budget we can live steam using one camera or multiple cameras. Corporate live streaming is perfect for training sessions, coaching, all types of seminars and conference big and small.


How does it work? We film the event which is streamed live to as many people as needed. We usually use 2/3 cameras for live streaming services. Zoom and Skype are great for one on one meetings, however they are not suitable when you want to broadcast a virtual event.

The beauty of our service is that you can essentially can do a live stage show and broadcast it directly to your audience.

The main advantages of using our service over the likes of Skype and Zoom are the following.

• We use 2/3 full HD cameras so the quality is far superior.
• We can intercut three different angles live.
• Zoom in on white boards or powerpoint slides as the speaker explains the content.
• No registering. We host the stream for you. We give you a dedicated link which you give to your viewers. We do the rest.
• Unlimited amount of viewers
• Professional sound. Ever watch a stream with terrible audio? We mic all our speakers.
• If the venue is anyway dark we will bring our own lighting.
• You can take Skype calls live from viewers or guest speakers (Ideal for this virus scenario if speakers can’t make the event)
• All cameras record the entire session.
• After the event we can edit a synopsis or highlight video which also can be shared.

Live Streaming & Production Services

Broadcast your next business conference or event to massive numbers via youtube or Facebook LIVE. Connect live with all your viewers and engage in real-time with live questions and answers. Perfect for panels discussions! Maximise your exposure and Increase your reach today.

We also provide green screen and virtual filming. Green screen filming also know as chroma key has been around for sometime. However it’s only recently with the improvement of camera sensors and lighting that has really come into its own and is a viable solution for use in corporate videography. It can be used to create natural appealing backdrops when filming corporate interviews or to create a branded studio type setup which can be used to film a round table or panel type corporate video. We can do all this from the comfort of your office or boardroom. Our green screen studio is fully portable and not a massive space is required to create an amazing branded backdrop that can really make a difference to your corporate video.

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