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Conference & Seminars Video Production Ireland

Did you know that audiences still view 86% of business video on their desktop Granted that mobile is catching up but the desktop experience is still where your target audience are engaging with your brand.

Corporate Videos, offer single or multi camera options when filming your conference or seminar. We understand that the organisation of you conference or seminar can be challenging this is why we work with you every step of the way allowing you to concentrate all other aspects on the day non-video.

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We will film all of your event for a full-length video additionally from this footage we can create a highly engaging highlight clip for your website home page or social media pages. We can also film testimonial videos and interviews videos with the delegate and guests. These can be filmed throughout the day. We will always advise and guide our clients on all the different filming options, some of which you may not have thought of.

Corporate video production can be used as a great tool to educate your audiences, promote your business and sell your services. It can also be used for people who cannot attend the conference. You conference video will allow you to spread your message and reach a much broader audience at a convenient time and place for the viewer.

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Post your conference or seminar we will edit and brand your footage. We Can supply all the speakers as individual clips and produce an amazing highlight clip all in a timely manner. We can even produce same day edits if needed. Say for example you would like a highlight clip showed at the gala dinner on the final day of your conference. We have you covered!

With over 15 years of experience filming conference and seminar videos.
We have filmed hundreds of events with so many happy customers. We know exactly how to film your event for maximum impact. We have various videography options to suit all budgets. Contact Corporate Videos today to discuss your upcoming conference or seminar.

Submitted your details to get a Customised Quote for the Filming and Editing of your Seminar or Conference.